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Life is like a game, let's have achievements

These are just some achievements. Some have been achieved, some haven't

1st place of uni

Placed #1 of my uni at the Cloudflight coding contest

1st place of NL

Placed #1 of the Netherlands at the #school Cloudflight coding contest

1st place of the world

Highest achieved: #16 of the world

Get a job

I actually had a job once!!!

Keep a job for 1+ year

highest achieved: 6 months

Get fired

Ouch! That hurt

Make more than my mom

At my 15th I made more than my mom that year

Make more than my dad

Highest achieved: 38k$ a year

Get a 100K$+ job offer

Received a 130k$ job offer in NYC

Get a 200K$+ job offer

Highest achieved: 130k$ job offer

Eat 3 pizza's in 1 sitting

Highest achieved: 1.5 pizza

Finish high school

Highest achieved: 3 years of high school. Never finished

Finish college

Achieved in 2 years!

Finish university

Highest achieved: currently in 3rd year

Get a cat 😺


Get over 10 stars at AoC

Yaaay, did it! (AoC 2020)

Get over 25 stars at AoC

Highest achieved: 16

Fully finish AoC

Highest achieved: 16

Move out

I still live with my parents

Live in another country for at least 3 months

3 months in Tokyo woohooo`