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Discord Lite

I've done it again. Another project that involves Discord that I didn't have to touch. Oh well, I've tried and I've miserably failed. Though, I'd like to still share this project here :)

Decentralized jackpot

I was bored. So wouldn't it be cool to create a Jackpot game on the blockchain? So I did, yes.

Anime next

Anime next was a web application that I've created to find more recommendations for anime. There was a time where I would watch over 1000 episodes of anime in 1 year. Eventually ran out of anime's to watch, then I realized: I'm a developer?!?!??!! So I made a program to find new series for me to watch.

Decentralized coinflip

Want to flip a coin to see who gets it all? Me neither. Still made it though!!
Let's users flip a coin against eachother to see who keeps all the money in the jar. Generates pseudo random numbers based on the transactions of both users, the contract's state & previous generated random numbers.

Discord account generator

To be really honest.. I felt really down when I made this. When I'm down I like to keep myself on work so I don't really think about other stuff. This project is one of those kind of projects. I worked on this for 3 days straight: ~18 hours a day. It's now a public archive, and I couldn't care less about it (got 113 stars on Github though!!!)


New NPM package I've made for funs. For people that code in node.js / typescript: whenever you get an error the module will directly search for any answers on Stackoverflow.